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Network with your Go friends old and new on the GopherCon Community site. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor.

Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu. Now that we've conquered the west coast, GopherCon is continuing its road trip by giving the east coast a little gopher love!

Offering both rooming and programming under one roof again, we hope to continue to maintain the tight sense of community attendees have come to expect as we approach the big attendance threshold. With exceptional pre-conference workshops taught by a few of the smartest people we know, some of the very best programming driven by our conference attendees' feedback, hours and hours of networking, and a magical destination, we can't imagine a better way of celebrating Go's year anniversary!

You all are the backbone of this conference and so important to us! So we wanted to start by sharing that we have no intention of GopherCon being cancelled. Important Details:. We hope everyone stays safe and sane during this unprecedented time. The thought of gathering with all of you later this year is making it a little easier on us!

Registered User? Forgot Password? New User? Sign Up. What Every Gopher Needs to Know! Important Details: Existing tickets will remain valid for the new dates when announced.

Please don't cancel your hotel reservations yet; we don't want to crush the hotel with cancellations now. Your reservation will be easier to modify after we've announced new dates.

We expect to announce new dates in April. Register Now!Submit this form to let us know. This resource is available to U of M faculty, staff, and departmental accounts.

gopher logo

The use of these marks on communications helps our audiences to quickly see that it is a University communication. These logos have specific uses and are not interchangeable. The Wordmark is a graphic element, not a type style. It is a foundational brand element that should be used in all communications to provide a visual indication of its origin or source. Guidelines and standards for University of Minnesota Crookston Wordmark.

In instances when a communication needs to represent the entire University system, use the version with the campus designations see below. Campus designations should only be used with the Wordmark and not with any unit combination marks. Digital Wordmark files are included in the above download with Wordmarks optimized for a variety of digital displays.

The package includes variations of the Wordmark on maroon and gold backgrounds. The Photoshop download includes wordmark variations that have been optimized for use with digital communications. The wordmarks in this file may be enlarged, but not made smaller. Contact University Relations if you have digital Wordmark needs beyond what is available on this site.

The Wordmark may not be used in the profile image or other graphics created for use on social media. Driven to Discover is the official brand tagline of the University of Minnesota. It describes our University and connects all units together under a common platform.

All units are encouraged to use Driven to Discover in combination with the Wordmark. When used as a graphic, Driven to Discover should never be used separately from the Wordmark. It is a graphic element, not a type style. The only exception is in the footer of official University stationery. The Block M is one of the most recognized logos in the state. All campuses, colleges, departments, and other units are encouraged to use it.

Buffer Space. All University websites on the umn. The web header includes the Block M at the upper left along with the Wordmark. HTML email should use either the email templates with the Block M included or place the Block M in a prominent location within the email along with the Wordmark.Online Orders and Operations are Active.

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Meet Green Gopher at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

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gopher logo

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Order from your favorite delivery services! Grubhub, Doordash, UberEats and others! Special Announcement. Please read our messages relating to the Coronavirus.

Environmentally friendly shops run on clean renewable energy.Be assured Gopher Resource is following guidelines recommended by the CDC for the safety of our employees, their families and communities as our top priority. Our plants continue to operate providing important recycling services to the battery industry. Batteries are essential in many industries including communications, data centers, banking, hospitals, commercial transportation and military. Gopher Resource takes seriously its commitment to the communities where all of us live, work and play.

We provide our recycling services using safe, sustainable practices. See where lead batteries — the U. Follow how we transform a spent auto battery into valuable, reusable materials for new products. Gopher Resource continually invests in and develops new technologies and safe, sustainable practices that benefit the environment, our customers, our employees and our industry.

Department of Energy Grant. Covid Important Update Be assured Gopher Resource is following guidelines recommended by the CDC for the safety of our employees, their families and communities as our top priority. Stay safe! Committed to the Communities We Share Gopher Resource takes seriously its commitment to the communities where all of us live, work and play. The Power of Recycling See where lead batteries — the U.

Continuous Innovation Gopher Resource continually invests in and develops new technologies and safe, sustainable practices that benefit the environment, our customers, our employees and our industry. Prev Next. Community Stewardship.

Logo Guidelines and Download

Our Facilities Providing innovative recycling solutions and reusable products. Our People Dedicated to long-term environmental sustainability and safety.The Go gopher is an iconic mascot and one of the most distinctive features of the Go project. In this post we'll talk about its origins, evolution, and behavior. Other Renee drawings became avatars for ken, r, rsc, and others. Of course, Peter Weinberger's was his own iconic face. When we started the Go project we needed a logo, and Renee volunteered to draw it.

It was featured on the first Go T-shirt and the Google Code site. And the Go gopher was born:. This was the first time the gopher was colored blue and appeared in three dimensions. The first prototype was kinda hairy:. This inspired a refined sculpture that became a vinyl figurine made by Kidrobot. The gopher therefore exists in many forms, but has always been Renee's creation. It stands for the Go project and Go programmers everywhere, and is one of the most popular things in the Go world.

The Go gopher is a character; a unique creation. Not any old gopher, just as Snoopy is not any old cartoon dog. That means you can play with the images but you must give credit to their creator Renee French wherever they are used.

gopher logo

Here are a few gopher adaptations that people have used as mascots for user group mascots and similar organizations. They're cute and we like them, but by the Creative Commons rules the groups should give Renee credit, perhaps as a mention on the user group web site. The vinyl and plush gophers are copyrighted designs; accept no substitutes! But how can you get one? Their natural habitat is near high concentrations of Go programmers, and their worldwide population is growing.

They may be purchased from the Google Storealthough the supply can be irregular. Perhaps the best way to get a gopher is to catch one in the wild at a Go conference. Photo by Noah Lorang.

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